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       Herco H-55 Coating Features:

  • Brush, roller or spray application
  • Coats and seals all surfaces
  • Broad substrate affinity
  • Ultra-high elongation
  • High tensile strength
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Fish and plant safe
  • Excellent adhesion
  • UV and ozone resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quart, Gallon and 5-Gallon sizes
  • Black, Grey, White or Clear
  • Meets all US VOC requirements


    Product Pricing:

  • H-55 Coating (Gal, Black)  $145.00
  • H-55 Coating (Gal, Grey)   $160.00
  • H-55 Coating (Gal, White)  $160.00
  • H-55 Coating (Gal, Clear)  $160.00
  • Gallon Size Kit (Black)    $250.00
  • Quart Size Kit (Black)     $149.00
  • Herco PSC Primer (Gal)     $ 79.00
  • Herco TC-700 Cleaner (Gal) $ 75.00
  • CCF Crack Filler (White)   $ 29.00
  • CCF Crack Filler (Clear)   $ 29.00


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HERCO Koi Pond Coating 
   The # 1 Choice Of Professional Pond Builders!  
Eliminates the problems associated with new pond construction.
Provides a completely inert environment for fish.
Non-abrasive, very smooth surface.
Long lasting & will not peel or deteriorate.
Works with block, brick & concrete.
Safer environment for fish & aquatic plants.
Instant & complete pH balance & pond stabilization.
Safe for your fish and the environment.
Economical, Durable and fast curing.
Easy to apply, can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.
Leak proofs pond & filter.
4 Colors: Black, Grey, White & Clear.
Professional results every time.
Prevents alkali leach.
 #1 Choice of Professional Pond Builders! 

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Step 1: Proper surface preparation is the key to a successful application.  Pond surface must be fully cured, clean, dry and free from any oil or grease. Remove all debris by brushing, sweeping or power washing. Clean the pond surface thoroughly with HERCO Cleaner before applying coating.

Step 2: Apply one (1) coat of HERCO PSC Primer to entire surface of your pond using brush, roller or spraygun.  Allow primer coat to dry a minimum of 3  to  4 hours.

Step 3: Apply three (3) consecutive coats of HERCO Coating using quality brush, short-nap roller or spraygun.   Drying time can vary depending on temperature, humidity and other conditions.    Allow a minimum of 3 to 4 hours between coats.  Do not apply at temperatures below 45F, above 90F or if inclement weather is expected before coating is completely dry.

Step 4:  Allow the final coat of HERCO Coating to cure at least 5 days.   Rinse the entire pond surface thorougly with fresh water, flush or backwash your filter and drain completely before filling with water.   Tap water generally needs to be “detoxed“ in your pond to neutralize all traces of chlorine and chloramines.   Please note that the clear coating may take on a translucent appearance in areas continuously exposed to water (i.e.: below the waterline).   Start up your biological filter and verify proper water chemistry (pH, Alkalinity, Oxygen, Ammonia, Nitrite) before adding any fish.   This is very important.

Step 5:  It is highly recommended that several small “test“ feeder fish be added to the pond to verify that the aquatic environment is safe and in order to build up your pond’s biological filter slowly.   If the “test“ fish are healthy and behaving normally after 48 hours, begin adding your larger fish gradually, no more than two at a time every 24 hours.   Keep a close eye on your fish and your pond chemistry during this period.   If any of your fish show any signs of distress or unusual activity, contact us immediately for assistance.   Our team of pond experts draws on decades of experience and is committed to the health and well being of your fish.

The # 1 Choice Of Professional Pond Builders!


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Instant Aging
for Exotic Fish Ponds
By Dr. Bob Vessey
Orange Park, Florida
Reprinted from KOI USA Magazine
Instant Aging For Exotic Fish Ponds
Recently, Barbara and I discovered the intrigue of fancy goldfish. Although our primary interest still remains with Nishikigoi, there is, nonetheless, a certain appeal inherent within the varieties offered by quality goldfish. All Koi basically look alike if body shape and finnage is considered.
Such is not the case with goldfish; this factor has led to a developing interest on our part. However, the subject of goldfish is not the intent of this article even though I suspect that there are many Koi fanciers who also share an appreciation for Carassius auratus.

As a result of this interest we undertook the construction of a small (105 gal.) pond within an enclosed garden area. The pond was dug and concreted with this writer accomplishing the labor. After building the pond over a network of wire mesh, a 1/4 inch layer of mortar cement was applied to smooth and seal the surface. Since I was concerned with leakage, a layer of Thoroseal was then added as a final coat. This was a mistake for a very rough surface ensues when using this product.

Upon filling the pond we experienced six days of wild pH fluctuations which I suspect was attributed to the Thoroseal itself or that it was not sealing against an alkali leach from underlying mortar. In an effort to stabilize pH, muratic acid was added daily but to no avail.

Finally the pond was pumped dry and the Thoroseal heavily scraped to again smooth the surface. White vinegar at full strength was brush - scrubbed over the pond on two occasions and the pond was refilled. Still the pH bounced all over the lot. What to do?

This is a fast drying product requiring only 3 hours between coats. Once the final coat is applied the rubber should be allowed to cure for at least 72 hours. Frequent monitoring of pH revealed no fluctuation whatsoever and, two days later, our collection of fancy fish which had been placed in a "holding pattern" in the top of our Koi bio filter were introduced to the new pond. It has been a week now and the pH is still steady at 7.4 with the fish doing wonderfully.

This product is available in clear, white, grey or black. I chose the black in as much as a light surface would have turned dark anyway as algae collects. The black background provides a beautiful contrast for the colors of the fish; it has absolutely sealed the pond from leakage and, as indicated, totally prevented any alkali leach which would have resulted in high pH readings. In essence this compound establishes a "rubber liner" within the pond and provides a completely inert environment such as one would find in a five year old pond.

This rubber is fiercely tenacious and once applied, will not peel thus offering an indefinite period of longevity. As an added benefit, it provides a very smooth surface which eliminates any any possible abrasiveness to the fish. This product appears to be a definite winner for application to newly constructed ponds and bio filters where alkali buildup from new concrete is always an initial problem.

In my estimation, HERCO H-55 revolutionizes the building of ponds and filters by eliminating the problems associated with new construction. It is indeed, a blessing to be able to instantly age and leakproof block, brick and concrete. This stuff is great!
~ Dr. Bob Vessey, Orange Park, Florida

Revolutionizes the building of ponds and filters
The # 1 Choice Of Professional Pond Builders!

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The # 1 Choice Of Professional Pond Builders!
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