Rubber and steel expansion joints are installed in pipes to compensate for expansion and movement due to site settlement, temperature changes, dynamic loading and stresses encountered in industrial installations. Typical applications are heating systems, water pipes, pipes in power stations and the chemical industry.

Hecht Rubber Corporation is the authorized distributor for Willbrandt Compensators in the United States.

We stock all Major Brands, including:

Proco - Unaflex - Elaflex - General Rubber - Holz - Trelleborg - Metraflex - Continental

A wide range of expansion joints are carried in stock and many special types can be manufactured at short notice. Contact us with your requirements. We are able to cross match obsolete OEM parts with new manufacture replacements.

All types and sizes of bellows materials (NBR, EPDM, PTFE, stainless steel, etc.) available to suit your application and medium, including oil, water, gas, food, etc. Specific flange types and drillings (ASA, DIN, JIS, BSE), tie bars, movement limiters and other individual requirements are easily accomodated within our product line.

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